X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

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Handbooks of Monochromatic XPS Spectra
−from the XI Library of XPS Spectra (US Reg'd c TX 4-560-881)

Loose-leaf paper versions of the Handbook Series. Supplied in hard binders
(dark gray or blue, landscape format),  A4 size.  Includes  full analysis details,
complete system information, 2 copies allowed, TOC, index, survey spectra are fully
labeled, high resolution spectra peak-fitted but not charge corrected.

Handbooks of Monochromatic XPS Spectra

 Volume 1

 The Elements and Native Oxides

 Volume 2

 Commercially Pure Binary Oxides

 Volume 3


 Volume 4

 Polymers and Polymers Damaged by X-rays

 Volume 5

 Rare Earth Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonates, Nitrides, Sulfides,
 Acetates, Carbides, Borides & Misc.

 5 Volume Set  

 Complete Five (5) Volume Set

 Vol. 1 + PDF

 The Elements and Native Oxides + simple PDF copy on CD-ROM

 Vol. 2 + PDF

 Commercially Pure Binary Oxides + simple PDF copy on CD-ROM

 Vol. 3 + PDF

 Semiconductors + simple PDF copy on CD-ROM

 Vol. 4 + PDF

 Polymers and Polymers Damaged by X-rays
 + simple PDF copy on CD-ROM

 Vol. 5 + PDF

 Rare Earth Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonates, Nitrides, Sulfides,
 Acetates, Carbides, Borides & Misc. + simple PDF copy on CD-ROM  

 5 Vol. set + 5 PDFs Set  

 Complete Five (5) Volume Set

 PDFs of All 5 Volumes  

 Simple Electronic PDF copies of all 5 Volumes (Vol 1-5)


PDF Spectra Handbooks
−Fully Annotated & Labeled Monochromatic Spectra

High energy resolution spectra are fully annotated with chemical state assignments.  Charge corrected, if needed to C 1s at 285.0 eV.   Survey scans are fully labeled.  Each page includes info on reference energies and peak shapes.  Extensive Hyper-links provide easy movement between the Periodic Table indexes, the spectra and information sections.

PDF Spectra Handbooks

 PDF - Vol. 1A 

 Native Oxides of the Elements - Fully Annotated & Labeled  

 PDF - Vol. 2A 

 Commercially Pure Binary Oxides,
 Hydroxides and Carbonates - Fully Annotated & Labeled  


Charts of Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting
− Colorful Periodic Tables For Walls and Desks
Filled with reliable BEs and FWHMs from pure elements, binary oxides and other compounds.  Cost of shipping included for smaller charts.

Charts of Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting


 Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting - laminated - 11x17 inch  

 4 x 6 ft - thick flexible plastic  

 Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting
 - with 4 grommet holes for hanging - 4x6 ft  


SpecMaster Data-Base Systems
− Digital Database Systems of Monochromatic XPS Spectra
Includes 48 SDP training movies on CD-ROM.

SpecMaster Data-Base Systems

 SpecMaster Std 

 SpecMaster Standard 8,500 spectra from Library 1, SDP v7.0  

 SpecMaster Max 

 SpecMaster Max 70,000 spectra Libraries 1 & 2, SDP v7.0  
 plus PDF Spectra Handbooks Vol 1 & 2  

 SpecMaster Pro 

 SpecMaster PRO 70,000 spectra in Libraries 1 & 2, SDP v7.0,   
 five (5) Handbooks Vol 1-5, free SDP upgrades,
 plus PDF Spectra Handbooks Vol 1 and Vol 2


Movies − Student Training Movies for Processing XPS Spectra
Training movies provide on-screen, computer-based, audio-visual lessons (5-10 min each) on how to operate software and process spectra. The movies cover the basics of producing atom % results from surveys and the peak-fitting of high energy resolution spectra.  Advice on chemical state identification and charge correction is included.  All lessons are provided on a CD-ROM and shipped by air-mail. 


 Movies - SDP 

 Set of 48 Training Movies for SDP
 Each lesson is 5-10 minutes in length.

 Movies - MultiPak 

 Set of 10 Training Movies for Multi-Pak v8.0  
 Each lesson is 5-10 minutes in length.

 Movies - Avantage 

 Set of 10 Training Movies for Avantage v.5.9  
 Each lesson is 5-10 minutes in length.

 Movies - Avantage 

 Individual training movies
 Each lesson is 5-10 minutes in length.


Software − Spectral Data Processor (SDP) v7.0
Processes XPS, AES, Synchrotron, UPS and ASCII based text spectra from other analytical techniques (XRD, PL etc.). Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Intel Duo Mac;  includes 27 user self-training movies on CD-ROM. 

Spectral Data Processor (SDP) v7.0

 SDP v7.0 - 10 years 

 Spectral Data Processor SDP v7.0
 (single user license, 10 years, 2 replacements)  

 SDP - add-on-1 

 Additional single user License of SDP v7.0 
 (for existing users (per license)  


 Replacement license - 3 months after original purchase  


Presentations-4-Sale - Advanced Presentations on XPS & AES
Presentations-4-Sale - Advanced Presentations on XPS & AES



 System Performance Checks
 (150 slides, 29 MB PowerPoint, 5 MB PDF)  


 Nuts & Bolts of XPS
 (8 slides, 7 MB PowerPoint, 2 MB PDF)  


 Chemical States by High Energy Resolution AES   
 (48 slides, 24 MB PowerPoint, 5 MB PDF)


Spectra, Directories, Spectral Libraries
Available in three file formats: SDP ASCII data-file format. SDP is not included.
All spectra are supplied by E-mail.


 Library #1 

 All 30,000 spectra listed in Spectral Library #1 - Common Materials  

 Library #2 

 All 50,000 spectra listed in Spectral Library #2 - Practical Studies on Common Materials  








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